What is the process and how much time will it take?

We have a quick 5 step process:
1. Analysis and InputsAfter the payment has been made, we review your existing resume and ask for additional profile-specific quantified inputs via a Profile Enhancer. In case you don’t have an existing resume, then we will send you a CV builder with guidelines to help you list down the key points.
2. Briefing and Discussion
Based on the inputs from your existing resume and your filled profile enhancer, a telephonic briefing is scheduled to better understand your current profile and tie them to your future career goals.
3. Making the Resume
We will then proceed to enhance the content and format of your resume professionally to create a crisp, concise and that stands out from the competition. Two levels of quality checks are performed before the first draft is submitted.
4. Resume Draft
You will receive a draft of the improved resume for review and feedback. 2 levels of iterations within a month can be performed on the resume to meet your requirements. Please allow 2 working days for each iteration level.
5. Final Resume
You will receive the new and improved resume in both an editable Microsoft Word . docx  format and as a PDF for easy delivery to recruiters and job portals.
How long will this take?
Average turnaround time:
  • 7-8 days for a Professional Resume
  • 3 days for an Express Professional Resume10-12 days for Senior Level Resumes (CXO/VP level)